Smoked Mackerel.

November 1, 2009

Take a bowl. Chop up a small cooked beetroot. Mix with a spoonful of horseradish. Serve on side of a smoked mackerel fillet. Fucking awesome. Truly awesome.



  1. sounds v good,awinning combo. will try next week.

  2. Horseradish & beetroot is one of those combos made in heaven. Can imagine it going well with the mackerel. Will try.

  3. I cannot think of three foods which work together quite this well. Food of gods. Although have eaten about 6 mackerel fillets since I bought them at farmers market on Sunday. Market not back till next weekedn now, so might have to wait..

  4. I don’t eat fish or beetroot or horseradish but apart from that it sounds like a culinary suicide bomber parking on your tastebuds.

    • You know nothing! The most unbelievable and unexpectedly good combination ever. Am very surprised that mackerel have not evolved with a beetroot and horseradish fin, the combination is so perfect.

      • And cod should evolve a trailing diaphanous sack of parsley sauce.

      • Parsley sauce? Parsley sauce? You want cod wrapped in bacon!!! Bacon- not bloody parsley sauce hiding its very subtle flavour.

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