Playdoh and Dolls Houses.

October 23, 2009

Two games I cant play with Rachel.

Playdoh. I get all twitchy and anal when she mixes up the colours.

Dolls house. I get a bit antsy when she messes up ‘my’ rooms…..

I possibly need to get a grip.



  1. I get worked up when kids don’t colour in properly. I also only ever give one colour of playdough.

  2. Am very bad. I cannot bear it. I once sat trying to ‘unmash’ the colours, and realised it was an act of lunacy.

  3. Welcome to my life. Also can’t bear it if the farm animals aren’t in their “proper fields”. Or if they feel the need to play with inside toys outside or vice versa.

    I really need to get a life of my own.

  4. That’s why I haven’t yet had kids. I think it’s for the best…

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