Top Post!

October 20, 2009

Jan Moir Post is one of Top Posts on WordPress!haha Number 74…but hey ho. Thats still good, and I am easily pleased.

For people accidentally here, thinking they have found a good blog- here are some other ranty posts(although you are as likely to get me talking about feeding the ducks, or shit). Its not that good, but you should read on anyway…

ROman Polanski

Amanda Platell

Single mothers

Sexual Dynamics of Balamory

The cult of the Princess

Swearing-kind of.



  1. I’ve just come across your blog via twitter. You’re a fabulous writer – the Balamory blog was inspired!

    Mal(fellow HB’er).

  2. Lol! Hurrah! A fellow Hebden Bridger!! Thanks for the comment.

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