Balloon Boy a hoax!!!

October 18, 2009

Balloon boy was a hoax. Dad, had realised that he could cause a massive international media sensation, by letting off a balloon.

THere is no better conclusion for this tale. THe world gets a good few days belly laughs, an opportunity to feel how sane they are(compared to Balloon Boy Sr.), while behaving absolutely mentally watching and discussing this. We have had all the drama of a life and death situation, with no tragedy ever in danger of actually occuring. Millions  spent on a media circus, emergency services, following an empty balloon.  I got a Thursday evening in hysterics. We even have someone to blame for the whole thing. All those who wasted millions on its coverage, can absolve themselves while getting their pitchforks out for dad. Add in a pinch of horror, at lengths people will go to to get famous, and incredulity at how quickly it will be forgotten. A spot of sneering at social networking and the media…And Fox will still blame Obama.

Looking forward to buying Rachel a weather balloon for christmas. Look out at the skys over Hebden Bridge…

Perfect. Absolutely perfect.



  1. Bloody brilliant take on the whole stupid, episode :~)) I’d follow your blog if I could figure out how to do it lol ;~)

    • I would help, but I have no clue how to either. I have loads of blogs I want to subscribe to, but can’t think how.

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