October 13, 2009

Crocs are good. They are great playshoes. In the summer, Rachel can play in sandpit, I can chuck em in washing machine, they are virtually indesctructible.

THat does not make them good shoes for adults. They are brightly coloured plastic playshoes, suitable for gardening, walking hospital wards, and anyone who thinks they are suitable footwear for a sane adult, is deeply mistaken. Dayglo blue plastic shoes should not be worn by adults.

Kid yourself not. You will look back at the pictures, and you will want the world to open up and swallow you. Bin them. And do not under any circumstances wear them with socks.

Do not comment on this page, saying that you wear crocs, and you are sane, blah blah. It will end up like one of those conversations with someone wearing burberry, and jogging bottoms rolled up their ankles, while they tell you that burberry is not chavvy. My opinion of these ‘shoes’ will not change, because you  say you like them. Mass delusion on that scale is nothing to be pandered to.


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