Rachels Birthday- lessons learned.

October 12, 2009

1) Eating jelly in the bath is a brilliant birthday breakfast. And one that will always be appreciated.

2) Make sure your oven works, before attempting a two tier chocolate ‘Dora the Explorer’ cake.

3) That a burnt cake is ok, in a novelty cake, that will be entirely covered in fondant icing. And as noone can see that it is burnt, they will spend whole party congratulating you on kick arse cake.

4) That noone eats the sandwiches at a childrens party, but there will not be a single mini roll left, within half an hour of party starting. Also nobody eats the birthday cake.

5) Lime Jelly smells peculiar.

6) Older kids like apple bobbing, and its easier to manage and keep kids interested in musical chairs, than musical statues.

7) Do not ask ex to make pass the parcel, as he will put no present in centre, and say kids should be grateful for a sweet, and pass the parcels will be wrapped in three month old copies of The Guardian.

8 ) That every year about this time, I will be slightly more astonished, and more than a little blown away, by the how amazing she is, and the fact that I made her.

9) That my friends hate me, and show this loathing by buying Rachel endless fairy costumes, princess crowns, wands, and other items of highly flammable nauseatingly pink polyester.

10) That Rachel will always like those friends better than me, if I dont pretend to be delighted that she is dressed as the sugar plum bloody princess fairy.

11) Keep an eye on who gave what presents, as you will get confused. And someone is going to be wanting a thank you note, for buying my daughter a very expensive gift, and I, have no idea who.


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