October 1, 2009

Dr. Mr Toy Manufacturer,

Can I enquire about the rationale, behind placing 4 Dora the Explorer Jigsaws, in the same box. Seriously, did it occur to you that figuring out which piece goes with which jigsaw, might be beyond the cognitive abilities of the average two year old, and that when tidying up, guaranteeing that all jigsaw pieces were actually in the box, would be mission impossible for the poor parents of said child?

Kind Regards,




  1. i am so with you on this. i went so far as to code each jigsaw piece with a number on the back of each piece AND i sorted them into individual plastic bags. but it doesn’t work as she can’t be arsed sorting them into bags afterwards etc. so yes, rubbish idea jigsaw makers!

  2. *Sobs with laughter* UNBELIEVABLE yet somehow inevitable, monumental f*ckwittery. As if things aren’t tricky enough!

  3. We got this jigsaw as a present, what a pile of shit. After spending about 20 mins trying to sort it I’ve chucked the bloody thing out.

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