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September 29, 2009

Harvey Weinstein, the uber powerful Hollywood producer made an empassioned plea in todays Independent, on behalf of his close friend Roman Polanski. A man who has suffered a miscarriage of justice so heinous, that he and many of his hollywood compatriots felt compelled to write about it on his behalf. Not since Live Aid have we seen so many celebs moved.

Roman Polanski was arrested by Swiss Authorities at a film festival, for a ‘so called crime’ he committed, aged 44.

When he was 44, the internationally renowned director took a 13 year old to the home of his friend Jack Nicholson. He promised to take her photograph for Vogue. He gave her champagne to wash down Qualube. Then he told her to get into a jacuzzi, and while she was dazed and confused, he raped her orally, he raped her vaginally, and he raped her anally. While she asked him to stop. She repeatedly asked him to stop. He told her to keep this a secret from her mother. She didnt.

Then he plea bargained, and when he believed he may actually be punished for the crime he committed, instead of the one his lawyer managed to get a deal for- he fled. For 32 years. He didn’t dispute her testimony- he was just too important to let such a trivial matter affect him.

Mr Weinstein speaks from the heart when he talks of the artistic merit of his friends offerings, and of the life path he took which was filled with tragedy. Mr.Weinstein talks poetically about the suffering caused by his friends ‘exile’ from the US. He dismisses the drugging and raping of a 13 year old child- as a ‘so called crime’. He speaks with confidence of the connections he and his friends have,  how they will use them  to get this ‘matter’ cleared up. Apparently he is going to go visit Governer Arnie, and others are going to petition the Clintons, they even have the ear of Nicholas Sarkozy.

He tells us that Mr Polanski served his time  ‘whichever way you look at it’.  I may not be the brightest spark in the box, but in which country is living around the world, continuing to direct acclaimed films, a punishment? Apparently not picking up his oscar in person- is enough on the statute books that serve Mr.Weinstein and Mr.Polanski-to be considered justice. I had never seen that on our statute books.

And herein lies the problem.  Mr.Polanski belongs to a set where the same rules dont apply.  His artistic genius, his survival of the holocaust, and the tragic loss of his wife- means that he apparently has carte blanche to do as he pleases. If Mr.Weinstein and Mr.Polanski, and their friends, do not view the drugging and raping of a child as a crime, the  question I have is -what is? At what point do your connections mean that taking children to the homes of your friends, then raping them is a perk? Sarkozy, Schwarzenegger, and Clinton  are not elected officials, answerable to the people-how could we have thought that?. Their ears are another perk of celebrity.

Mr.Polanski, Mr.Weinstein, and everyone of the morally bankrupt celebrities who have spoken up about this ‘miscarriage of justice’, demonstrate clearly the world we live in.

I am reassured to know that people with this kind of power, and this kind of money, fully believe they have the right to use the connections that they have, to help a friend evade prosecution for this ‘so called crime’. It makes me feel very positive about the world that the drugging and raping of a 13 year old child- is not rape as long as it is a powerful celebrity that is raping her.

It reassures me that women like Deborah Winger, and Whoopi Goldberg are standing up to tell the world that this ‘so called crime’ is not really that bad, its not like its ‘rape rape’ after all.

Oh wait, I am not reassured. I am fucking angry. Disgusted. Horrified. Dumbfounded.

If a a 13 year old being repeatedly fucked against her will, after being drugged is not rape= then what is it? Angelica Houston described the child as one of ‘those girls’- I suppose she means one of the girls who aspire to live in the rarified atmosphere of her world, and didn’t realise they were only there to feed it’s appetites.

We really do live in a society where celebrity is all, and rape is a perk to that celebrity- and while Harvey Weinstein’s words were abhorrent, the real disgust comes when you realise that this sense of entitlement and arrogance is a true reflection of his world.

Of course Mr.Weinstein thinks this is a miscarriage of justice. THis might be justice not threatened by money, power, or celebrity, and justice where rape is seen as the crime it is. For the likes of Mr.Weinstein- it is  inconceivable that he may be subject to the same rules as everyone else, and that a womans right to say no might be important.

Guest post on- http://dmhatingfemisfromhell.blogspot.com/

(*added July 2010 -Roman Polanski in news this week, because the ‘justice’ demanded bv Harvey Weinstein, appears to have been delivered. Again)



  1. Awesome blog!

    I thought about starting my own blog too but I’m just too lazy so, I guess Ill just have to keep checking yours out.

  2. […] ROman Polanski […]

  3. Exactly what you said, with sprinkles on.

  4. And Whoopi Goldberg defends Mel Gibson’s racism and domestic violence. Always were different rules for the rich and powerful.

  5. Appalling. Eloquently put and an appalling miscarriage of justice for all rape victims. The emotive power of celebritising crime and rebranding it in sugar coated sympathy to be swallowed by the masses is appalling. Well worth reposting, thank you.

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