Poem-borrowed from another blog!

September 25, 2009

Poem I liked from another blog-

postmodern truth 3.0 the intuitive skinny response


it true
that postmodern people
do not believe in
absolute truth?
and if so
why cant we
find any real-life people
who fit this description?
and if there are none
but only straw men?
then who
if we cant find an enemy
(where are all those atheists
when we need them?)
how will ministries
raise money?
even worse
if postmodern
MORE open
to the story of God
than people
why have
our churches failed so miserably
to attract them?
whose job is it
to communicate the gospel
THEIR JOB to understand
or OUR JOB to create
to change
the way it is
doing things?
but then
means change
and change brings loss
and nobody likes to lose anything then
it may be easier
for the church
to just point the finger
at the emerging generation
and say that we failed
in the
Great Commission
and it is all your fault for
not holding to the paradigm
that has worked for our fathers
we have good news
for modern man
but not for you
if you can change
the way you process information
then we have a message
from God
for you
either God is not able
to speak to you in
your language
the church
need to go back
to the drawing board
and yet if we are honest
we have too much investment
in our drawing board
to rethink it
in todays
of course
we begin to believe
that the story of God
is already making sense
to postmodern people who see
truth personified in The One Absolute
He Who Can Be Trusted
He Who Is
Is Truth
Is Way
He is



  1. i can never be completely sure if i’ve got poetry right, but i did like this one. you might enjoy a book called ‘how not to speak of god’ by peter rollins. he is a mate of mine so it is a shameless plug. his blog is here:http://peterrollins.net/index.html

  2. I like a shameless plug! WIll read it in a bit, let you know what I think. I liked the one I picked, not because I am religious- cos am certainly not- more because I think it addressed important question about the contradiction between churches who state they are about a belief system, and what they actually achieve!

  3. yes i got that from the poem i think, maybe that’s why i liked it too. i guess i would call myself a bit-religious in that i want to have that kind of discussion without all the who’s-better-than-who bullshit of the dawkins Vs god debate. i sort of think if ‘god’ (or whatever) matters to some people then it _matters_ and the solution to the really bad and terrible crap that the church sometimes pulls is not to say ‘ok there’s no god everyone, sorry to disappoint’ but possibly to look at the roots of ‘church’ and say ‘ok, if there is worth in this then where is it and what needs to go?’ in my opinion the idea that atheists (or anyone else) have no place in that discussion is something that definitely needs to go. the arts collective that pete put together some years ago (ikon) is somewhere where people can engage with postmodernity and discuss that sort of thing. our atheist members/attenders have had a major effect on my own thinking and i am really grateful for that.

  4. arse. sorry for buggering up the replies. can you delete the one from ‘the tumnus project’- that’s me but i didn’t think the comment had worked so i left another. one day i will learn how to work computers. until then i should probably keep away from the comment boxes…. :/

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