September 23, 2009

I saw Morrissey eating a pork pie outside Harrods. Absolutely true. And he is a racist, boring, pretentious, charmless man!

(Morrissey, I would very much like you to sue me, as I am currently unemployed, and a bit bored)



  1. Also, he stole it from a sikh, after telling him he ‘didnt belong here’.

  2. You’ve managed to deduce that I’m a racist from 1) my lyrics (Bengali in Platforms: “Don’t blame me, don’t hate me, just because I’m the one to tell you that life is hard enough when you belong here”). The transvestite Bengali will never ‘belong’ in Britain but that’s not my fault; it’s society’s fault. It’s not my prejudice; it’s everyone’s prejudice. It’s my ode to the outsider. No racism here.

    2) the Finsbury Park gig. I draped myself in the Union Flag (see The Who, The Jam, Bowie, the Spice Girls etc.) during the height of Britpop. So very sorry if that denotes racism.

    3) my comments. I have lamented the death of a palpable British identity. See Gordon Brown on the same issue last year: “I am not alone in believing that a stronger sense of patriotic purpose would help resolve some of our most important national challenges, make us more confident about Britain’s role in Europe and the world, and would help us better integrate our ethnic communities, respond to migration and show people the responsibilities as well as rights that must be at the heart of modern citizenship.”

    So where does that leave your claim? You’ll be hearing from my solicitors.

    • If you really are Morrissey (which seems rather unlikely)have you considered all the great publicity you’ll be getting suing an unemployed mother who’s spent most of her working life in child protection?

      Just saying…

  3. Haha! How you know I’m not actually Morrissey: Morrissey would take far more issue with the ‘boring’ than the ‘racist’ part.

    Morrissey fans will hunt down and correct all blasphemy.

    • Thats a bloody shame!! That would have made my day! Am soooo bored today! He couldnt possibly spend that much time trying to be dull, and then object to being described as boring…

    • You do know that Mr.Odiousracist would probably object to people wandering round impersonating him? Dont you fancy impersonating someone a bit more interesting? Someone with some musical ability? Cheryl Cole mebbe?

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