Faith in humanity restored.

September 22, 2009

The brow of the hill, on the walk to my house, is a bridge, on a blind bend, with no footpath, and no room for two cars to pass each other. THere are some traffic lights, but they give you about 15 seconds to get across the bridge-which is quite challenging with a toddler.

Last week, we walked up this stretch of road, and a massive Mercedes came speeding up, barely slowing down in time to avoid hitting Rachel and I.  I screamed at the car, and the driver stopped. I bawled at him about his apparent lack of understanding of the highway code, speed limits, basic road safety. I may have called his car a ‘small penis mobile’, may have called him a cunt, and then spent the rest of the walk home trying to explain what a ‘penis mobile’ actually was, and explaining to the short one, that of course it wasn’t right for me to use a naughty word, even though the man had scared her.

I left the supermarket this afternoon, and the same car pulled over. I rolled up my sleeves, as I waited for the inevitable disagreement. He got out, apologised, offered us a lift up the hill(which I declined as he had no car seat-responsible mummy that I am), and assured me he would not drive at that speed, on that particular stretch of road again.

Lesson learned today-people who drive Mercs might not all be wankers after all.


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