Mary Wollstonecraft

September 8, 2009

Mary Wollstonecraft is going to be on a stamp. For those of you who dont know who this woman is, you should go read about her. She wrote a book called Vindication of the Rights of Women, in 1792, which basically pointed out what we already know. Which is that women are equal, deserve equality, and that the role of women is one that is socially constructed, and perpetuated through lack of opportunity, education, and the pressure of conforming to societal norms. Impressive woman. Anyway- she was the first woman to coherently lay this out, even though as far back as Hypatia of Alexandria, there were women saying the same to an extent(also read about her- v v interesting stuff. End of era of philosophy, and start of millenia of oppression of women, and free thought by organised religion, when she was murdered).

Glad she is going to be on a stamp. Can’t remember the last time I actually bought a stamp, but seriously- ALL my christmas cards this year, will have that stamp on them. If you receive one- you know why.

(Actually,  I found the christmas cards I was supposed to send last year in a drawer while cleaning up, about three weeks ago. Chances of anyone actually receiving a christmas card, slim to none, and slim left town. The thought will be there though.)



  1. I tend to do this, make a big fanfare of writing the damn things out, then leave them in my handbag to resurface in May. Oh well, at least we are saving the planet, hey?

  2. I googled “Mary Wollstonecraft stamp” and this was one of the first hits. I am beyond amazed that you draw the link with Hypatia, because I want there to be a big-budget biopic of Mary, just like there is of Hypatia. Agora was released in Spain a few days ago (it was made by Amenabar with Spanish money); not sure of UK dates. The time is right for a film to tell the story of Mary’s life. I’ve pulled together some thoughts at
    and would appreciate feedback.

    • I too think that its about time there was a movie about Mary Wollstonecraft- her life and things she did, are fascinating= and have direct relevance today. Her protectiion of her sister against violence, the way she chose to live her life, conduct her relationships- the fact that she laid out Vindication of the Rights of Women, at that time- all unthinkable. I didnt realise there had been a movie about Hypatia- I would also be interested in seeing that.

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