Banal posts.

September 8, 2009

Sometimes I read back the posts that are about me and Rachel, and I realise they could appear trite, banal, or dull. I think the thing is though, they are truthful. And part of parenting is the amount of consideration you have to give to things that do seem banal, and commonplace. So they stay. Apology was half made, but have realised that if an honest reflection is to be seen, then the trite, the commonplace, and the banal has to stay.



  1. The beauty of a blog is that it’s your own personal little space and you can write about whatever you want. You don’t have to impress people, nor be witty or trendy all the time. It’s just you and your thoughts. I guess that’s why I love blogs so much. Besides, your posts are never dull or banal!

  2. I agree with above ! and your posts are never dull they always amuse me 🙂

  3. My whole blog is full of family stuff, or rants – very dull, but I like writing it anyway.

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