September 2, 2009

Apparently, I am waiting for a man on a white horse to come and rescue me. Someone to sweep me off my feet, and woo me. Apparently, its best if I am coy, and reserved, while I let the man think he is overcoming my resistance, and dont want to appear to ‘easy’ or ‘give’ what he is looking for, away too easily, in case I lose his respect.  He needs to fight me a bit, maybe tame me a little bit.

Bugger. Thats not exactly the way I have been playing it so far. Or ever really.

Although I have pondered this. Reducing this popular discourse about relationships to the absurd- then romantic love can only come when it is something that I have resisted- that my knight in shining armour has had to fight for, presumably a fight that is somewhat against my will? Well hang on a mo, am not entirely sure that I want a relationship that is against my will. At what point is it seemly to give in? At what point am I supposed to enjoy the proceedings? Is it acceptable for me to say at some point before a physical consummation that I was willing? Or is it only acceptable for me to be in a relationship if I have resisted-is my honor only intact if I have been raped? Otherwise I am ‘easy’, have given away my ‘honour’… What if I am not willing? How is he supposed to know the difference?

Christ, is it any wonder those thick headed bozos in clubs think that when you tell them to sod off, you are merely being coy, and fighting to hide your overwhelming attraction to them.

Not even the chucking in of a white horse, to this ridiculously bad deal, makes it an attractive proposition. I know its self absorbed but hey ho, this is my blog-  what about my needs?

Nah, I think I will stick to the way I have been doing it so far…you know all parties are in it for the whole making each other happy business… in whatever way they choose- not much fighting, power struggles,  lets leave the taming to the lions, and the wooing and the courting to archaic story books, and the ‘taking’ to the bedroom after there has been mutual consent.  Besides, I dont know many men that own white horses, and horses are very expensive to keep, and take a lot of work to maintain.  Seriously, neanderthals not respecting you has to be worth it, if you end up in fulfilled honest relationships-surely?


One comment

  1. I always say, get the whole pursuit thing out of the way and let them have you as soon as possible. That way, if they are only in it for the chase, and have no interest in equal loving relationships, just mindless stereotypes, you get to find out sooner rather than later, can move on – and you’ve had a good shag into the bargain.

    Mind you, I’ve been partnered up for 18 yrs, so I’m not sure how well that worked back in the day. Worth a try, though.

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