The Tweenies Live

August 30, 2009

I intended to write a scathing blog post about ‘The Tweenies Live’. It was going to talk about how I was fleeced by the heavily pushed, overpriced merchandise. IT may have touched on the irritating way they have changed the songs(Miss Polly had a dolly omits the phrase about the doctors bill, to reflect the provision of the NHS), I was possibly going to talk about how irritating Fizz is.

I find I can’t do this. Mainly because when The Tweenies came on stage, Rachel was so delighted, that I cried. And partly because I have just put her to bed, and she is still singing ‘If you’re happy and you know it’ to her new Bella doll. Even if the tickets were extortionate, they were worth every penny. THats what you pay your money for.



  1. Awh, despite everything it’s great when the kids are so overwhelmingly happy. Get the wine out!

  2. We’ve seen the tweenies twice and they were good. The kids loved it and we only bought them doodle balloons at the end.

    • I didnt much mind buying her the doll, it was the glow stick things at 4quid a pop. They must have made a fortune, cos every single kid in there had one. But she was so sodding happy- that it was kind of worth it.

  3. Agreed.

  4. I also cried at the Tweenies..glad she had fun x

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