The return to work and my new hat.

August 19, 2009

The good news first. I found an exact copy of my lucky festival hat(lost this summer-after 4 years of loyal service-we miss you little black felt hat) on the fleamarket, at 8am. This was initially no consolation, but since walking round all day, looking fabulous in my hat, and a Mina Dress-I am consoled.

Consolation from what my dear, I hear you ask. Well, fiscally irresponsible as I am- I am not fiscally irresponsible enough to return to university with a 3k tuition bill to find, on top of living costs. I may have considered winging it, if it were just me, blah blah I think the time is coming, for me to return to work.

I found a very helpful article in the Daily Fail, to assist me through this time

I was initially insulted- but compared to the cardinal sins of being a single parent, on benefits, having sex occasionally, being a student, and being a  social worker… think that lets me off pretty lightly for going back to work. Shitrag.

Tis a good job this hat looks so damn fabulous. Never mind- 5 years till am Dr.Me instead of 4!


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