Can someone advise..?

August 17, 2009
Every parent I know, secretly believes that their child is the *smartest/most beautiful/funniest child that has ever lived. We all know enough logically, to know that it may not be true, and I certainly understand that there might be a remote chance that my judgement may possibly be skewed…..
That said, I am pretty sure that it is actually true. I think there are few children on the planet, who are as beautiful and funny, and sweet, as my daughter. I secretly brag to those that I trust to agree, about Rachels achievements-safe in the knowledge that there is no greater child on earth. Not in any of the 6 billion children that have gone before her- and the rest who will follow.
But, I could do with some advice about something. What do you do, when you see character traits emerging that arent very nice? What if your child is a child who has a foul temper, and hits? Or if your child is sneaky and tells tales that arent true- to get other children in trouble.
Toddlerdom is all about the ego. The only age where you have less empathy than at 2, is at 14 apparently. I know that when Rachel tells me her friend Sophie pushed her, even though I know it isnt true, its a normal phase they go through. And I know she will grow out of thinking that sharing is great, as long as you are sharing other peoples stuff- but everything else is hers(even if it is only hers by virtue of the fact that she er…wants it).  But what if they dont grow out of it? Will I become one of those parents who turns a blind eye when their child turns into an adult with no moral compass?
Children dont start off as a clean slate- they have personalities- what if one day, you realise you dont like your child?
Blimey- doesnt bear thinking about. Might blog about something else, because thats a perturbing thought. Although one of my stepsons is an entrepreneur with a moral code, that would make Madoff seem ethical, and I still love him…


  1. i’ve a 14 yr old teenager and one soon to be 13, so i can emphasise with you, sometimes i worry that their traits are permanent rather than a phase. Each stage of development brings another challenge and quite often huge expense (financially and emotionally) and their egos are ever growing. Parenting is the hardest job out, seemed a good idea at the time, in the dark and distant drunken past. One day i shall look back at this and laugh, probably when the men in white coats are carrying me off to the retirement home that the children have selected for me.

    • If its any consolation- when one of my stepsons was 14, I thought he needed an excorcist. They both grew to be fine young men! Adolescence ends.

  2. I often dislike my daughter because I don’t like the way she comes across when being a smarty pants and her answering back. She often doesn’t listen either. She’s like a broken record that keep repeating how unfair something is.

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