A message to Jordan and Peter Bloody Andre!!

August 17, 2009

When your parents split- the two most important people in your life- it is life altering, and if handled badly, has the potential to lay a foundation which will damage you for your entire life.

Regular commentary to tabloid newspapers, magazines, and the filming of docusoaps- about every aspect of your childrens lives and the most painful thing they are likely to have experienced in their short lives- for the highest bidder-is pretty much beyond ‘handling it badly’.

A conflict on that scale between the two main attachment figures in your life is bad enough. TO feel that to show loyalty to one, places you in conflict with the other- is a heartbreaking situation for any child. TO have it played out in the shitty tabloid rags, who will make a headline out of every single out of place comment is bad enough. TO wilfully provide acres of coverage for your children, their peers, and the adults they will become- to pore over, is downright irresponsible.

To those watching- seriously- switch off your bloody televisions, and go find entertainment that isnt sitting there in your armchair- watching real life people getting divorced- and where the very act of you viewing, isnt contributing to the harm that that kind of behaviour causes. The only reason that people can do this, is that you the viewing public will watch, and will part with cash for magazines. Stop.

Death for sale, divorce for sale, custody battles for sale…. Seriously- is there anything that digital channels, OK Magazine, and Heat wont buy and sell for entertainment?



  1. horray, at last someone that shares my opinions. Most of my mates think i am a freak for not following celebrities lives portrayed in glossy mags like Heat or Hello or on reality tv. I prefer to live mine & get on with life, my life

  2. I agree at first I heard he was being discreet and not giving interviews but I think they are both loving the attention and not giving a thought to those babies that are suffering. They may be addicted to celebrity but they could give their kids a break

  3. I love heat and am proud of it. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

    And Jordan is the living embodiment of Scarlett O Hara, so cannot hate her.

    They are a pair of testicles though, granted.

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