Miracles that occured while I was on holiday.

August 3, 2009

While I was on holiday, I discovered that I have a black thumb.

Before I went away- my houseplants, which I inherited, seemed to have passed safely into death- with curly brown leaves- wilting stems and trunks, and shrunken soil. THis is in spite of my er…tender loving care.

The sunflower Rachel and I have been growing, looked like it was on its last legs.

I go away for a week, and the bin men have not taken my plants. THey(the plants- not the bin men) have mysteriously come back to life. With me absent- they felt free enough to continue to grow- the leaves perked up, and the green that apparently is supposed to be natural to all plants- has returned.

I have brought them in, and my stepson, a keen horticulturalist(I am slightly concerned, that this is a love sprung from a desire to be part of the independent pharmaceutical sector…although these concerns are based on NO evidence)- has agreed to come in, and regularly care for my resurrected plants- so that my toxic influence is offset.

The sunflower has shot up by a massive 20cm, and requires a bigger pot.


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