Pink stinks!

July 24, 2009

I predictably swore that I would never do pink. My daughter would not ‘do’ pink. But here we are. Two loads a week. Bright pink, sugar pink, cerise, raspberry pink, peachy pink, pale pink, white with a hint of pink. Even the stuff that isnt pink, has pink fecking sequins, trims, and bindings.

I didn’t swear I wouldn’t ‘do’ pink, because I am a humourless militant feminazi. Although I am. It certainly wasnt because the idea that girls are somehow drawn to this bland, inoffensive, wishy washy colour, by virtue of being born with a uterus, was offensive to me- although it is.  It isn’t because thinking of the people who shape our nation, our minds, and our finances, standing up wearing sugar pink is absurd- although it certainly is.

I swore I wouldn’t do pink- because it is a fecking vile colour. It goes with nothing-apart from more fucking pink. The overall effect of a the obligatory pink trim, on anything, so that people are able to identify that my child is female, and is not called George- is horrible. It was a fucking vile colour when it was traditional for boys, and it remained a vile colour when boys realised, and it was shoved off to girls.

Rachel doesnt even suit pink. She looks great in red, blue, even yellow- but not pink. Yet it is almost impossible to buy clothing for a child without a penis, that doesnt have a sliver of pink, sneaked into it- somewhere, somehow.

I wish this post was original. I wish I was saying something that hadnt been said, a million times before, and that my insight into the cult of pink- was some kind of profound statement. But it isnt.

Ah, I hear you ask. You are the person controlling the purse strings- why do you buy pink? Consumer sovereignty and all that.

I try really hard not to. I will go to ridiculous extremes not to buy pink- but when 90 percent of the clothing available for girls is pink, is accented with pink, or has something pink on it- then you are left with little choice-and it slips in. When that is combined with the fact that her extended family and friends are determined to see her as some kind of princess(and am damn sure I will blog about the cult of the princess at some point- but I need to be able to do so without shaking with fury!)- the pink sneaks in. Rachel is told that she loves pink, that she should love pink- and slowly but surely, pink is becoming her favourite colour- as it is with every one of the little girls in her nursery class.   I would rant more about this subject, but I have to take a load of washing out of the machine, that looks like someone left a red sock in there.



  1. hehe – i TOTALLY agree with you – HATE pink. But unfortunately my daughter’s room looks like it was coated in pepto bismal and because it’s her favorite color – it’s everywhere.

    • I can see this house gradually going the same way!

  2. I guess I shall cling onto having a child young enough to not care, I bloody hate pink.

  3. Pink princesses… I read your two posts on this subject and my sister also gets angry at the shear lack of choice. And here is my rather long late night thought on the matter.

    See princess is a term applied to young girls, say under the age of ten, and members of the royal family, and also in fairy tales as a way of enforcing the idea that in such places being a member of the inbreed hierarchical outdated political system is a good thing. And prince seems to be applied to older males in crappy romance stories (‘her prince charming had saved her’ etc.) abducting the female character from her current life, or being whisked away in romance take your pick. But in most cases it appears that the male lead being called the prince charming is always older and is never applied to young boys, I mean when was the last time you saw a shirt with “little prince” emblazoned upon it?

    So young princess and old prince… hmmm…

    And as for pink, being a mixture of white and red, white for innocence and red for virility in archaic western art and culture, e.g. white wedding dresses and red wedding dresses and the original etiquette applied, nineteenth century paintings where white was the dress of the innocent character etc.

    So a mixture of red and white, virility and innocence and old men and young girls…

    Anyway, basically I’m calling all companies and the higher echelons who decide the products, who peddle cheap pink crap with princess on them to children, paedos, do you reckon with this odd argument I could get the Daily Fail on my side? You know spark a revolution or something?

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