Hairy women, clean houses.

July 18, 2009

Sitting in a clean house is quite disconcerting. Not having to alter eyeline so cant see things that I havent done, is quite a relaxing experience. This must be what Daily Mail Readers feel like. Obviously, I cannot feel what that feels like, as have not shaved legs or exfoliated, and am not sitting in peach satin pyjamas from BHS-and hairy women do not read Daily Mail. Or Daily Mail doesnt want them to. Any, I digress.

So here is my day after my little pity party this morning. Since I must have depressed whoever read it. First of all, went to cafe. Rachel was beautiful, and charming, and well behaved. I forgot about mess.

Then my stepson came over, pretending to visit, but actually avoiding flatmate, and trying not to let on. We had nice time. I pretended I didnt have a problem with his tattoo(seriously- he has Techno tattooed on his arm- who has a body mutilation that lasts a lifetime done in commemoration of a music genre that has only been around for 15 years?). He told me the carefully edited highlights of what he got up to at the festival we were both at. I told him the carefully edited highlights of mine. Then he found out what had happened in house this morning, and allowed himself to be Rachels ‘patient’, ‘pet’, ‘storyteller’ and ‘all round bitch’- while I cleaned up.  Because he is a darling darling boy. And however much he thinks he is grown up, club promoter, general wideboy, he is still my 14 year old- who used to deliberately lose his school shoes(at a cost of £30 a pair!!!!)…..

And here I sit, in an actual clean house, very relaxed(relaxation possibly aided..)..and the day ended well. Shame the middle bit was shit.

PS Am ebaying cat if he does not stop pooing in protest in various places.


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  1. love it !

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