Er..think am going bonkers…

July 14, 2009

After spending last night, and all of today, with Rachel appearing to be on deaths door. She woke up from her nap like she had been dipped in amphetamines, tearing about the street after Maisie and Finn.

Had James not been here this afternoon, while my little invalid was in deep slumber, and then witnessed first hand her forlorn little requests for grapes and juice, there would be no witnesses to it.

THis raises a question- if a child is ill, but only their parents have seen it….were they ill at all…is it all in the perception? Think I desperately need sleep and tea…lots of tea.



  1. I remember taking E to the docs. As soon as we sat in reception she got a burst of energy!!! Felt like such a fraud.

    • She always does this! I swear I might have imagined the whole thing though…

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