Much ado about Sundays…

July 12, 2009

My bed looks like any one of a million beds across the UK today- newspapers strewn and crumpled,various food recepticles with remnants of tea, danish pastries, and roast beef sandwiches. THere are rizlas, a smelly snoring cat, and laptops. There is a boy occasionally checking his soundcloud account- to see who has played and downloaded the tunes he released. I have punctuated the morning with naps(one took place between writing the first and second paragraph- does that indicate this is a dull dull read?), writing obscenities on Twitter, checking facebook, and browsing through the RSS newsfeeds on my toolbar-which digest the worlds news.

The Sunday papers, is a long held tradition- that I have realised this morning is fading quickly into the past. My dutiful trip to the shop to pick up The Observer, is one that has been repeated since I was 17 years old..but after I had seperated out my sections(Main Paper, Music Monthly, Review, Escape, Business then cherry picking anything I have missed- in that order) consumed my newspaper with inky hands-I realised this ritual was being usurped.  I found myself getting confused as I went through my RSS newsfeeds- as I realised I wasnt having deja vu, I was just reading the same article again online, but that with each article I read, I could immediately go to a related article, in another publication. I could respond immediately and directly to the articles which raised my ire, through comment sections- and I could intersperse this with random comment on twitter- and talking to my friends.

I will probably take the papers, as I always do, and put them in the kindling bag next to the fire downstairs. And I daresay, I will continue to buy my paper on a Sunday, for quite a while yet. But today, I have realised this is a relic of a Sunday morning tradition- There was nothing in there, that I couldnt get more effectively anywhere else, and I am sure that at some point I will let go of my need to spend Sunday with inky fingers, and to have actual paper cluttering up my house..and accept that this shiny box I am typing into, has usurped it, as it has usurped my need for a stereo, stacks of cd’s, a television, a phone, and the need to collect endless piles of paper bills/payslips. Which is a shame, as without stacks of newspapers, clunky old media, and paper, I am not sure what my house will look like. Boyfriend has suggested buying a Kindle reader- but if am honest, I am not sure I want overpriced, clunky, paper books, usurped in the same way.


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  1. Totally disagree! I will always love the Sunday papers but it takes me nearly all week to read them now. Lazy Sunday morning with them sounds blissful. Reading it online is not the same!

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